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Picture of the week

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Here’s an attempt to uphold Iona’s tradition of picture of the week. This is the car show room at the Museum of Transport, the majority of cars have gone and the wrapped items are bicycles waiting to be transported to the Riverside Museum.


Written by Rebecca Jackson

March 4, 2011 at 3:32 pm

Round-up of the install at Glasgow’s Riverside Museum

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Since the New Year things have been moving pretty fast down on the Riverside Museum site. It’s full steam ahead with locomotives and their tenders being eased into place. All the buses and trams are on site too, ready to be positioned into their final display location.

Last week we transported the fire engines down to the Pointhouse site. This week the exhibition install teams started building the display units around them and some of the other large objects.

The re-created street, which promises to deliver more than the old Museum of Transport’s well-loved Kelvin Street, has seen the majority of its objects going into the shop units. Many of the bicycles have also arrived on site and been lifted into their dramatic setting. The Faslane caravan, for years a fixed presence at the Faslane Peace Camp, has also been installed at the Riverside Museum; its contents carefully conserved and returned to their original spot, just as former resident and peace protester Disco Dave left them.

Outside, the plaza has been surfaced, trees planted, and work’s started on the car park. And only a few days ago, a dredger vessel sailed into the area to begin dredging the Kelvin Harbour.

Written by Rebecca Jackson

January 22, 2011 at 4:14 pm

Ship models depart from the Clyde Room

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As outlined in last week’s Picture of the Week, we’ve had a new team come aboard the Riverside Museum Project to assist us with the removal of our middleweight objects from the Museum of Transport at Kelvin Hall.

Constantine, who are specialist museum handlers and familiar faces around our various museums, have been working on emptying the ship models cases in the Clyde Room. They will be transporting these delicate ship models as well as bicycles, motorbikes and cars to storage and, in the next few weeks, to the Riverside Museum at Pointhouse.

The slideshow above shows the steps they take to move our often very large and heavy ship models. Purpose-built crates are forklifted upstairs towards the Clyde Room, where the models are carefully removed one by one from the cases that have been their home since their arrival in the building in the late 1980s. Once set down in the crates, plastezote blocks are used to secure them in place for their ride to their final destination.

Soon enough we’ll have a Clyde Room full of empty cases as the objects in the building continue to move out and we get closer to the Riverside Museum opening.

Update from Riverside Museum’s Decant Team

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Riverside Museum’s decant team have been extremely busy over the past few weeks due to the return of our heavy haulage contractor, Allelys, and the removal of most of the Museum of Transport’s large objects.  

With the exception of the horse-drawn tram, all of the tramcars at the Museum of Transport have been removed. We’ve been busy with the locomotives, too. Only the Gordon Highlander remains in the museum.

Canvas protection is drawn over the Bailie Burt tramcar No 1089 in preparation for its move to Riverside. In the background, the Gordon Highlander locomotive, the last big object remaining in the Museum of Transport.

And while Allelys’ specialists and Riverside staff have been working on removing the large objects, Glasgow Museums decant technicians have been preparing objects such as ship models, bicycles, prams and motorbikes for transportation to the stores at GMRC. We’ve also prepared a selection of objects for removal to Riverside, where they’ll go on public display when the museum opens in spring 2011.  

The biggest move we’ve made recently has been the South African Railways locomotive 3007 – featured on this blog and in the press. I was lucky enough to courier both the engine and the tender – a-once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me. SAR loco 3007’s arrival at Riverside was a momentous occasion for the project, and to have ridden in the cab hauling both the engine and the tender was a great privilege!

Now that the majority of the large objects have been installed at Riverside, we’ll start to see some of the smaller vehicles and objects moving to their new Clydeside home.

Your favourite objects like you’ve never seen them before

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The slowly emptying Museum of Transport is now looking very different compared to the way it did in April when it closed its doors to the public. Many of our visitors’ favourite objects are now sitting protected, wrapped and waiting their turn to move out to their new home. How many of your favourites can you spot in the slideshow below?

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Teamwork Caught on Camera

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Preparing a museum and its objects for a big move takes a lot of hard graft and teamwork. This slideshow shows a selection of the people involved in the preparations for the new museum caught on camera. More to come…!

Update from the Riverside decant team

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The Kelvin Street cinema, now a store for conserved bicycles waiting to be installed at Riverside.

At this moment in time, the Decant team are packing the remaining objects in the upstairs gallery space at the Museum of Transport. After careful packing, these objects – mostly bikes, buggies and ship models – will be transported to either our GMRC stores in Nitshill or to the Riverside Museum for display.

The bicycles bound for Riverside have been packed and are ready to be transported – the photo above shows some of them waiting for uplift in the old Kelvin Street cinema!

Next we’ll pack the half-hull ship models and prams before they too are transported to GMRC and Riverside.

We’ve also been clearing out one of MOT’s stores so that the project’s contracted mount-makers can start producing some of the large mounts for displaying Riverside objects. Today we packed a painting called Lost by Charles Napier Henry prior to its move to GMRC, as well as a chemist’s display case bound for our Maryhill stores.

Written by lisadecant

September 2, 2010 at 3:01 pm