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Glasgow’s original Subway opens for business

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Here, what is thought to be the Directors and some staff of the Glasgow and District Subway pose for an opening day photo. It had taken over 5 ½ years to finish two tunnels and 15 stations.

On December 14th 1896, the Glasgow and District Subway began operation. Thousands of Glaswegians flocked for a chance to ride for only 1d (1 old pence). Only London and Budapest had built subway systems, so it must have been entirely new experience to almost all those riding it on opening day. Today, many of us take the subway for granted, but to Glaswegians of 1896, it truly was a modern marvel!

 Glasgow Museums has a large collection relating to the subway, and indeed featured a recreated subway station at the old Museum of Transport in the Kelvinhall. The new Riverside Museum will once again feature displays on the Subway, exploring its history, how it once operated by being pulled by a 6.5 mile long cable, and the people one might find while taking a trip around the city.


Written by jmessner

January 18, 2011 at 1:36 pm

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