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South African Railways loco 3007 arrives at its final destination

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After two years of conservation work, the South African Railways locomotive 3007 last night moved from Glasgow Museums Resource Centre to its new home at Riverside Museum, on the banks of the River Clyde. This was the final destination for this Glasgow-built behemoth. In 2007 it began its epic journey home in South Africa, where it had spent its entire working life. The slideshow below charts the last leg of SAR loco 3007’s journey to Riverside.

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To avoid the rush-hour traffic, the rain and causing too much disruption, loco 3007 was moved during the evening. This meant failing daylight and trickier photography conditions. But a long wait on a pedestrian flyover paid off though with some nice lighting on the train from the street lights and passing cars, and a beautiful night sky. One unexpected problem came from trying to hold the camera steady while the footfalls of passing football fans on the flyover shook the bridge!


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