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Finishing touches – how to dress a shoe

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For some objects our work doesn’t stop at conservation. We also consider how the object will look once it’s in the display. Textile conservator Maggie Dobbie and I have been providing the finishing touches to some of the boots, shoes and sandals going into Glasgow’s Riverside Museum. The picture of the pair of boots, below, shows how they needed to be padded to indicate their shape while providing support for the material.

The picture of the evening shoe, also below, demonstrates a different approach. We created a soft mould upon which a layer of scrim is glued, a bit like papier mache. Once dry we cut this to the shape of the shoe, even cutting out the sole. This “mount” then lines the inside of the shoe allowing any labels on the sole to be visible while still providing support and shape to the shoe. This approach is much less intrusive than traditional mounts and allows detail inside the shoe to be seen. 

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Written by Rebecca Jackson

September 15, 2010 at 3:09 pm

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