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Update from the Riverside decant team

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The Kelvin Street cinema, now a store for conserved bicycles waiting to be installed at Riverside.

At this moment in time, the Decant team are packing the remaining objects in the upstairs gallery space at the Museum of Transport. After careful packing, these objects – mostly bikes, buggies and ship models – will be transported to either our GMRC stores in Nitshill or to the Riverside Museum for display.

The bicycles bound for Riverside have been packed and are ready to be transported – the photo above shows some of them waiting for uplift in the old Kelvin Street cinema!

Next we’ll pack the half-hull ship models and prams before they too are transported to GMRC and Riverside.

We’ve also been clearing out one of MOT’s stores so that the project’s contracted mount-makers can start producing some of the large mounts for displaying Riverside objects. Today we packed a painting called Lost by Charles Napier Henry prior to its move to GMRC, as well as a chemist’s display case bound for our Maryhill stores.


Written by lisadecant

September 2, 2010 at 3:01 pm

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